Yellow Dye in Clothing



You may want to think twice about choosing a yellow item the next time you go shopping.

The color of sunshine, happiness, and friendship is now linked to potentially serious health risks.

Traces of the long-banned polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), specifically PCB-11, has been found in yellow dye in clothing and printed materials, increasing people’s exposure and risk of adverse health effects such as cancer and birth defects.

Although the chemical pigments were originally banned under the Toxic Substances Act in 1979, they are still allowed at very low levels.

There are different types of PCB contaminants known to produce different effects, raising the question of uncertainty about the level of toxicity of the dyes.

A more worrisome thought is that even if consumers make an effort to avoid yellow-colored products, they will still be exposed to the toxins via air and water, which can eventually enter the human body.

Very concerning…click the link to read the full article…..

Yellow Dye in Clothing

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