What is your Urine telling you?


The color of your pee is one of those things that your never talk about. That being said…it’s very important for you to take notice of it.

Changes in color can range from…you’re becoming dehydrated to there’s a problem 🙁  Subtle changes can also be caused by medications you take or certain foods you eat. There are many “normal” shades of urine….but subtle changes can be taking place within your body in those “normal” shades. No one knows your body better than you do so it’s always good to be aware.

Here’s some great info….

Light Yellow to Transparent – The good news is your body is being properly hydrated and working perfectly 🙂

Dark Yellow or Amber – Your urine is becoming concentrated..probably due to a lack of water intake…drink…drink…drink to prevent further dehydration!!

Orange – This can occasionally be a cause for concern….but it is usually caused by more severe dehydration and possibly by any medication you may be taking. Pyridium, which is taking for UTI, can turn your pee bright orange….a little scary if you don’t know beforehand. If you’ve been eating a large amount of foods rich in beta carotene..that could be it also.

Red or Pink – Red or pink usually means there is blood in your urine. Certain foods with red dye can possibly cause the tint of red also. Use your own judgement and see a healthcare professional if this lasts more than a day or if you are alarmed.

Dark Brown or Reddish Black – This scary color can be a symptom of Liver disease. You should have this checked asap.

Cloudy or Opaque – Usually this is a sign of infection. Cloudy or milky urine can be from excessive white blood cells that are a clear sign of infection.

Blue – I can’t even imagine peeing blue…but it does happen. Blue urine is almost always caused by medications or dyes used in testing. There is a disease..Hartnup disease…which causes urine to turn blue.

Green – Green can be a sign of a bacterial infection or UTI. It can also be caused by certain medications you may be taking.

Purple – Yep…you read correctly…purple. Purple urine can be caused by an abundance of bacteria or by a rare disorder of red blood cells called Porphyria.

Along with color…smell can also be an indicator that trouble is afoot. The strong smell of ammonia can indicate infection or severe dehydration. If there is a sweet smell…there may be extra sugar or glucose spilling into your urine indicating Diabetes or a kidney issue. You should have that checked out sooner rather than later.

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What is your Urine telling you?




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