The Wonders of Walnut Oil

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Over the years the benefits that Walnut Oil can provide for our skin, hair along with additional health benefits have come to light.

Walnut oil is made from nuts that are dried and then cold pressed. Walnut Oil is a golden topaz color with a rich nutty flavor.

High in both vitamins and minerals, it can work wonders on your skin! It has a greasy texture but with regular use it can actually help fine lines and wrinkles to disappear over time. Psoriasis is a persistent skin condition that is dreaded by many. There just doesn’t seem to be enough creams and ointments to help with the itch and flaking that goes along with it. Walnut oil works wonders!!  You can either apply it directly to your skin or simply add it to your bath water.

Walnut oil can also help cut belly fat. It can be easily substituted for other oil in dressings and marinades. Adding walnut oil to your salad can make you feel full and it also helps fight your body’s craving for fats. A great source of Omega-3 fatty’s been proven to reduce cholesterol  promoting cardiovascular health.

Walnut Oil contains melatonin which promotes a good night’s sleep.  🙂

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The Wonders of Walnut Oil

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