The Greek Yogurt Craze


Greek Yogurt has soared in popularity over the last few years. Thicker..creamier..less sugar and more protein than regular yogurt. The high protein content makes it more satisfying while still being low in calories. There are about 100 calories in a 6oz container of plain, non-fat Greek yogurt. It’s also great a addition to smoothies or mixed with fruit or cereal for breakfast.

There are several differences between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt. The first being its consistency. Regular yogurt is strained through cheesecloth twice and Greek yogurt is strained three times, removing more of the whey part of the milk. Greek yogurt has a thicker consistency as a result.  Because of its thicker consistency, it’s a great substitute for high fat ingredients, such as regular sour cream, heavy cream, mayonnaise and cream cheese in many recipes.

Secondly, the nutritional benefits of Greek yogurt are superior to regular yogurt. The protein content is higher for a similar calories. An 8oz serving of Greek yogurt contains about 20 grams of protein, almost twice as much as regular yogurt. The high protein content helps to control hunger for those who are cutting calories or managing their weight. Carbohydrates are also much lower in Greek yogurt. The calcium content is lower in Greek yogurt than regular yogurt, most of it is lost in the straining process, it is still considered a good calcium source. On the plus side, this straining process also contributes to its lower lactose and sodium content.

One of the more significant health benefits of eating either type of yogurt is the presence of probiotics. Greek yogurt has a higher percentage of probiotics due to its concentration. Yogurt is the most common source of naturally occurring probiotics in food eaten by Americans.

The bottom line is…Yogurt can be a healthy choice regardless of whether you choose Greek or regular. They both have protein, calcium and probiotics.

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The Greek Yogurt Craze

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