Surprising Uses for Coffee Grinds


Whether it’s a cup in the morning to get us going, a middle of the day pick me up or a cup with a scrumptious dessert…we love our coffee!!  🙂

What happens to all those coffee grinds? Into the trash they go right? Starbucks packs them up in bags and encourages us to use them in our garden which got me thinking…what else can they be used for? I was amazed at what I found!!

The obvious use is in the garden. They give an added boost of Nitrogen to the soil. Coffee grinds are also acidic so acid loving plants like blueberries, roses and hydrangeas will be happy and flourish. Coffee grinds will help keep away your garden pests too! Snails, Slugs and ants don’t care for coffee grinds much so sprinkle away! You can keep your neighborhood cat out of your garden by mixing orange peels with coffee grinds then sprinkling them around your plants.

  • Chimney Cleaning – Sprinkle damp, used coffee grinds in your fireplace before cleaning. The coffee grinds weigh down the ashes and help eliminate the big dust cloud you usually have.
  • Cellulite – This coffee grind scrub is supposed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite..Coffee Scrub Info
  • Exfoliate – Mix your coffee grinds with a little olive oil to make a paste. Apply to your skin…wipe off after a minute and then rinse.  You can also make a body scrub by mixing with mineral oil, vitamin E or coconut oil. Use with a loofah to exfoliate dry skin.
  • Smelly Hands – Rub moist grinds between your palms to remove garlic & onion odor on your hands.
  • Natural Dye – Tannins found in coffee are great for dying fabric and paper. Steep coffee grinds in hot water to create a dye.
  • Furniture Scratches – If you have dark wood furniture ONLY!!  Mix coffee grinds with a small amount of water or oil to form a paste. Spread paste onto scratch…leave in place for 2-3 mins…wipe off and voila…scratch is no longer obvious 😉
  • Ice Melt – Dry your grinds and store them in a cool dry place. Sprinkle on your icy driveway or walkway in winter they same way you would salt and watch the ice melt 🙂
  • Pots & Pans – If you run out of your favorite pot cleaner….add some dish soap to your coffee grinds and scrub away. It will clean your pots and pans like an abrasive cleanser.
  • Soap – You can make a handy bar of soap to help remove grease and odors more easily. Use a bar of Ivory soap…shred the bar of soap and then melt in your microwave. Mix in about 2 tablespoons of coffee grinds. Press into a plastic dish until cool. Coffee Soap Info

Next time your dumping the grinds from your pot into the trash….think of what else you could use them for 🙂

For more info on any of the above….follow the link below….


Surprising Uses for Coffee Grinds

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