Surprising Benefits of Black Pepper

Black Pepper

My Mom put Black Pepper in and on everything so I grew up eating it. To my surprise I found there are health benefits to consuming Black Pepper. πŸ™‚

Black Pepper comes from the berries of a Pepper Plant.

Black, Green and White peppercorns come from the same plant but are picked a varying stages of development. Pink peppercorns come from a different type of plant.Black Pepper contains an array of beneficial properties. Essential nutrients manganese, potassium, iron, vitamins C & K along with piperine can provide antibacterial, antioxidant and anti inflammatory assistance.Black Pepper is one of the most common spices used worldwide and in most cultures.

Black pepper is available as whole Β or cracked peppercorns and also as ground pepper. Whole peppercorns will provide the most flavorful pepper taste. You can also purchase Black Pepper Essential Oil which has it’s own digestive benefits.

Black pepper has impressive antioxidant and antibacterial properties along with minerals and phytonutrients that can reduce your risk of certain diseases. Next time you have a small cut…sprinkle some black pepper on it….the bleeding will stop, germs are stopped in their tracks and the healing will begin. πŸ˜‰

Pepper is also a natural decongestant. It contains properties that irritate your mucus membranes causing them to produce thinner, watery mucus giving you a “runny nose” which allows your nasal passages to clear out. Add some black pepper to your chicken soup or add essential oil to your tea.

One of the amazing benefits of black pepper is its ability to aid in digestion. It stimulates your taste buds signaling you stomach to produce higher amounts of hydrochloric acid which digests your food quicker reducing indigestion.

Piperine contained in black pepper has been shown to help reduce inflammation, help regulate blood pressure and can suppress fat cell growth.

So next time you add Black Pepper to a dish or recipe…think of the benefits πŸ™‚

Too much of a good thing can be harmful…moderationΒ is key!!!


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Surprising Benefits of Black Pepper

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