Singing is Good for You…

Car Singing

Do you sing in the shower? In your car? Doesn’t it make you smile and put you in a better mood?

There are many physical, emotional and social benefits associated with singing. Whether you sing in the choir, at karaoke night or in the shower, singing releases endorphins… the brain’s “feel good” chemicals. Nearly everyone of us sings along to the car radio when driving, or hums or whistles when working and doing chores.  We teach our children songs to learn about the alphabet and numbers.

There are many physical benefits of singing…here are a few…

  • Your lungs get a great workout. The aerobic aspect of singing increases the amount of oxygen in your blood promoting better circulation and heart health.
  • Reduces Stress. The release of endorphins and deep breathing help reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Improves the muscle tone of your face, rib cage and abdomen.

Emotionally.. singing can improve confidence, self esteem and motivation. Singing requires a level of focus that can remove us from the pressures and worries of the day putting us in a better mood. Singing can make you cry… can ignite your passion…or make you laugh.

Socially.. singing brings people together. It can provide a place for fun, laughter and community. A karaoke night brings together a group of strangers that wind up enjoying each others company and possibility forging new friendships.

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Singing is Good for You

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