Scalp Detox


We scrub, exfoliate and moisturize our Face and Body regularly. We run to buy the latest and greatest creams and scrubs. But do any of us give our scalps a second thought? How much hair spray & gel can a scalp endure before it rebels?!

We all want healthy shiny hair. We buy endless amounts of shampoo, conditioner and finishing products. Healthy, shiny hair comes from within, so keeping your scalp healthy is key.

Sebum is an oil secreted by the skin. Sebum can combine with other oils, pollutants, products and dead skin cells. If a combination of sebum and other materials is left to build up it can form a hard layer of plaque. This plaque can clog up the pores of your scalp not allowing your hair follicles to grow.

Here is a natural scalp detox treatment you can try….Give your scalp the TLC it deserves 🙂


For more treatment info…follow the link below…


Scalp Detox

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