How do you Sleep?

sleeping-position climb into bed and assume your favorite position 🙂

What position do you sleep in? Do you know the health benefit and personality traits your position has associated with it?

Kind of interesting…

Back Sleeper – Sleeping on your back is said to be the best position. Reduces wrinkles, decreases acid reflux and can prevent back and neck pain. You tend to snore more on your back so this position may not be appreciated by your significant other. 🙂  Sleeping on your back with your arms at your sides is considered the “Soldier” position.  It is said that back sleepers are quiet, reserved but have high expectations.

Side Sleeper – The majority of us sleep on our side…whether in the fetal leg tossed onto the mattress…or straight as a stick. Side sleeping can also help with acid reflux, snoring and back pain. The bad news…you usually squish your face into your pillow which can cause wrinkles and sagging. Side Sleepers are usually shy, warm, conscientious and organized.

Stomach Sleeper – Sleeping on your stomach is probably the worst for your health. It can put pressure on your joints and muscles. Your spine is out of sync in this position. Sleeping with your neck turned to one side all night can cause you to awake with neck pain. Belly sleeping is considered the “Free Faller” position. Belly sleepers tend to be outgoing and anxious.

Starfish – This position is a variation of a back sleeper…on your back with your arms raised over your head. This position is good for your back and will help reduce wrinkles and sagging..but not good for snoring or reflux. Starfish sleepers tend to be great listeners!

People sleep in positions that are comfy cozy regardless of what any of us feel is correct. Unless a healthcare professional tells you to change your position for health reasons….keep doing what your doing 🙂

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How do you Sleep?



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