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Amazingly enough..not all Honey is created equal…who knew?!

Bee pollen is packed with protein that is combined with amino acids and can be easily used by your body. Bee Pollen is only found in Raw Honey. Honey found in the grocery store goes thru a filtration & pasteurization process. Ultra filtration removes the bee pollen from the honey leaving it virtually nutrition less but giving it an extremely long shelf life.  During the pasteurization process, honey is heated to a high temperature than quickly cooled. This along with filtration is what gives the honey on your grocery shelf it’s clear, amber color. Raw Honey is cloudy and visually unappealing.

Raw Honey is unprocessed and unpasteurized…all the enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients have not been altered or stripped from it.

Raw Honey typically comes in a jar rather than a bottle. It’s  thick, creamy consistency makes it easier to use. It’s smooth texture and mild flavor are not overpowering.

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Honey vs Raw Honey


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