Herbal Remedies for Insomnia

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Dawn is peaking thru the window and you’ve been awake since 2 AM. You’re thinking “I’m exhausted” and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet. Sound familiar?

Insomnia can have an impact on your health and overall well being. It is also one of the least understood sleep disorders. Stress, anxiety, your mind racing with a thousand and one things, caffeine, you ate the wrong foods, can all be contributing factors of insomnia. Insomnia can come in many forms. You can’t fall asleep, you can’t stay asleep, you are wide awake and restless.

A sleeping pill will probably knock you right out…but do you want to become dependent on them? Herbs can be a beneficial alternative to prescription drugs. If you are taking ANY prescription medications for any reason speak to your healthcare professional BEFORE using any herbal remedies. Herbs can interact with pharmaceuticals in harmful ways!!

Herbal remedies are known for their safety and lack of adverse side effects. You should be cautious if you have any allergies or sensitivity to plants or pollens. If you experience a jittery feeling to a calming herb..stop using it immediately!!!

Herbal remedies can be found in tea, capsule, powder or drop form. Visit your herbalist or health store to explore the option that works best for you ­čÖé

Valerian – ┬áValerian is known for calming a racing, worried mind and has a sedative effect. You may build up a resistance after a short time so you may have to switch off with a different remedy and then go back to Valerian. Valerian can be brewed or taken in capsule form.

Lemon Balm – Lemon Balm is taken as a brewed tea or as a supplement. It can help calm your nerves and reduce anxiety.

California Poppy – California Poppy is usually used in drop form and can be added to tea or water. It has been know to reduce restlessness and anxiety and improve your quality of sleep.

Passion Flower –┬áPassion flower is great if you wake frequently during the night. It has a calming sleepy effect and an be taken over long periods of time without building up resistance.

Magnolia Bark – Magnolia bark helps to relax your mind and body by reducing cortisol levels in your body. It is generally taken in capsule form and quickly promotes drowsiness.

St. John’s Wort – St. John’s wort is usually taken as a capsule to treat anxiety and depression.


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Herbal Remedies for Insomnia

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