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DRy Hand Cream

Winter is a nightmare for your hands…there just doesn’t seem to be enough cream to use!!  🙁

Do your winter hands need some TLC?! Read on….

Extremely dry winter hands need creams jam packed with moisture. Moisturizers rich in oils like olive, almond or coconut are the key. Flaky skin can also benefit from creams containing oatmeal and shea butter. Glycerin, lanolin and aloe can be an added bonus 😀

As bizarre as this may sound….you should gently exfoliate your hands in the evening to prepare them for an intensive nighttime moisturizing treatment.  A mixture of  3-4 tbsp of Sea Salt & 1-2 tbsp. of  Olive Oil will do the trick!! If the though of a scrub makes you shudder in pain…than perhaps a loofah with a mild soap is a better option for you. You should always apply moisturizer while your hands are not completely dry. When your hands are damp you’re skin is more likely to pull in the moisturizer.

If you prefer something more natural.. here are some great ideas using ingredients you probably already have 😉

  • Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil is like a miracle in a jar…you can use it for so many things! So incredibly moisturizing and smells wonderful too!!
  • Aloe – Aloe has amazing healing powers. If your hands are really cracked and sore..Aloe is the way to go.
  • Honey – Honey…preferably organic…has healing and anti inflammatory properties. I don’t usually leave it on for more than 5 minutes. Smooth all over your hands…then rinse with warm..not hot..water.
  • Petroleum Jelly – Petroleum jelly is old faithful…..your hands will feel wonderfully soft after a night of Petroleum Jelly.
  • Milk Soak – As odd as this sounds…it works. Warm some Whole Milk…warm..not hot…soak your hands in the milk or 5 minutes or so…rinse in coolish water….pat dry and apply moisturizer.

Moisturize…Moisturize…Moisturize!!!  A little here and there isn’t going to do it.  You can use something lighter during the day and something heavier at night to get the job done.

Before you go to sleep tonight give this a try:

  • Lightly Exfoliate your hands
  • Pat dry
  • Slather on a heavy emollient rich moisturizer. If your hands absorb all the cream and still feel dry…slather on some more.
  • Apply a protective “barrier” of petroleum jelly.
  • Wear light cotton gloves…sleep tight 😀

Your hands will thank you in the morning!!!

Dry Hand Solution

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