Common Food Cravings


Out of the clear blue you are craving something you don’t usually eat…you can just about taste it and you just have to have it! Sound familiar? Food cravings usually happen for a reason..your deficient in a nutrient…your stressed and your brain is sending out signals. A food craving is sending you a message and usually for foods you shouldn’t be eating. Here is some interesting info to help you understand what’s going on 😉

Cravings for salty foods often mean stress is taking it’s toll. Stress causes your adrenal glands to release cortisol which kicks in a craving for high fat, simple carb foods like potato chips and french fries.

Chocolate cravings can mean you are deficient in magnesium and / or potassium. Craving an ice cream sundae certain times of the month? PMS can cause a decrease in serotonin which usually leads to a dairy craving.

Dehydration can through your body out of whack. Before you reach for those chips..drink a big glass of water 😉

Craving sugar can be a sign you are not eating a healthy balance of carbohydrates. Your body doesn’t have the fuel it needs so a sugar craving kicks in for a quick boost of energy. This begins the vicious cycle of blood sugar highs and lows. Eat some whole grains, veggies or fruit instead of that chocolate bar.

Cheese cravings often indicate an Omega3 fatty acid deficiency. Before diving into that pizza..consider some walnuts instead.

Can’t wait to sink your teeth into a juicy steak? You may have a iron deficiency.

If you have a craving for non food items like soil etc…you may have a mineral deficiency. You should contact your healthcare professional or nutritionist for guidance.


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Common Food Cravings

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