Coconut Water…Hype or Healthy Alternative?

coconut water

Is it the latest health craze or are there real benefits to drinking Coconut Water? You see it everywhere now…not just in specialty stores…so what’s the attraction?

Coconut water has a light, clean, sweet, nutty flavor and is derived from young, green coconuts. It’s low in calories, super hydrating, fat and cholesterol free and is high in potassium. A no brainer as an alternative to high calorie sports drinks right? But beware…there are 10 calories per ounce of unflavored coconut water. Comprised of 94% water, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants it can refuel and rehydrate in no time!!

A decrease in electrolytes can cause an increase in blood pressure. Because coconut water contains a balance of electrolytes it has been shown to help reduce blood pressure.

Coconut water may also help aid digestion. It contains a high concentration of fiber along with bioactive enzymes which aid with food absorption.

Lauric acid contained in coconut water provides anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral properties giving your immune system a boost!

Refueling and rehydrating is a huge benefit of coconut water. It helps maintain your potassium level which assists your cells and blood stay hydrated.

All in all…Coconut water can provide many benefits…but moderation is key!

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Coconut Water…Hype or Healthy Alternative?


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