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A spotty blemished complexion causes us to be on a perpetual search for the perfect product. We spend endless amounts of money on creams and ointments in the hope that something will work! Did you ever think to look in your fridge, on your counter or your spice rack for a remedy?!

Give these a try..

  • Papaya – Papaya contains Papain, an enzyme containing antibacterial properties. Applying as a mask with help fade dark spots, remove dead skin cells and reduce acne.
  • Mint – The menthol in Mint can invigorate blood flow to your skin. Mixed with a little lemon juice and you have a wonderful astringent.
  • Tumeric – Can be used to lighten dark spots on your skin and dark bags under your eyes. It also contains antiseptic properties. Mix tumeric with pineapple juice to form a paste and apply under your eyes and on any dark spots on your face.
  • Neem –  Neem is an herb with antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Mix some neem powder with plain yogurt to make a scrub. Apply to your face and rinse with cool water to clear away dead skin cells and unclog your pores.
  • Cucumbers – Seems contradictory to say Cucumbers are hydrating and used as an astringent…but that seems to be the case. Cucumber slices placed on your eyes can reduce swelling & puffiness. Grated Cucumber rubbed on your face can be a great exfoliant.
  • Coconut Oil – Fatty acids in Coconut oil help lock moisture into your skin while being lightweight and easily absorbed. Add some baking soda and make a face scrub that will leave your face glowing and silky smooth.  🙂


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Clearer Skin Naturally

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