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Ahhhh…Gluten…who knew that it was our enemy? Many of us either have a Gluten sensitivity or choose not to eat it….so it’s all about Gluten Free 🙂

Gluten is a protein composite found in Wheat and certain grains like Barley and Rye. Gluten is found in countless other foods and everyday products. If you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Gluten will gradually damage your intestines preventing proper absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Gluten sensitivity or intolerance is often under diagnosed because of its broad range of symptoms and underlying causes.

Navigating the Gluten free world can be daunting at best. The idea of gluten free eating seems so simple doesn’t it? Just stay away from grains and unprocessed foods right?! Not so fast…what about the hidden gluten? What about cross contamination?  My grandson has a severe gluten sensitivity and I’ve learned a lot about where gluten hides.

Gluten can hide in candy, chips and some soups. It can also be found in cosmetics and if you can believe it…playdoh!! All wheat derived ingredients and non wheat sources of gluten should be clearly displayed on the ingredient label. Unfortunately that is not always the case. The list of terms and ingredients that can contain Gluten is vast…click on this to view more…Gluten Ingredients on Labels

Hidden sources of gluten aren’t always found in your food…it can be found where you least expect it!   😉

You’ve gotten rid of every pretzel…bagel..cracker…cookie and you still aren’t feeling any better. Some gluten is probably lurking in places you never thought to look….

  • Toaster / Toaster Oven – Are you using the same toaster you were using before you switched to gluten free bread? Crumbs from previous use can be contaminating your gluten free food.
  • Peanut Butter – Are you using the same jar of peanut butter you used before? Gluten can be in that jar from a knife you used on a regular bagel.
  • Candy Jar – Did you replace all your candy with candy that is gluten free? Did you wash the jar before adding in new candy?
  • Pantry Shelves – Did you wipe down or reline your pantry shelves before putting all your new gluten free food on the shelves? Crumbs from previous foods can wind up on the packaging and ultimately on your hands without you realizing it.
  • Vitamins & supplements – Gluten doesn’t just apply to foods you eat. Gluten can be found as an inactive ingredient in your vitamins or a component of the outer casing. Gluten Free should be clearly displayed on the label.

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All About Gluten

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